So…you’ve somehow stumbled upon my little corner of the world wide web 🙂 . For a quick intro, I’ll say that I am a 30-something single mom who works in commercial real estate (in operations…not in sales). For more juicy details, you can go here; or you can commence to poke around the site and draw your own assumptions/conclusions.

Keep in mind, this is my personal page. I do not speak on behalf of my employer or any other company or organization. I strive to be a decent online citizen, so if you come across something offensive, incorrect, or improperly used, please let me know (via the contact form below).
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Ms. Shona

A commercial real estate professional by day; and a cross-cultural renegade by night. If you want more juicy details you can read more here. If you want to send an old fashioned e-mail, keep scrolling all the way to the bottom!


Mr. (Toddler) L.

The resident charmer. A born leader and Ms. Shona’s biggest fan


Mr. (Baby) J.

A sweet and tolerant fella. An inspiration to anyone he encounters.


Mr. (Baby) M.

Being the youngest doesn’t stop this guy from getting his point across. A fiery spirit but insanely lovable all at the same time!

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