Shocked Prince

Guilty Pleasures – I.

December 21, 2011

Thanks the the Blackfolk Community on LJ, I’ve come across some great animated gifs. You know, those annoying little pictures that move around on webpages? 😀 Well I happen to think that some of them are pretty cool. Unfortunately they don’t work everywhere (like on Facebook…the devil…). Here are some of my favorites:

MJ Popcorn
This one was popular when MJ died

Shocked Prince
I don't who did this or how it was made...but it's awesome!


Hasselhoff Crotch
*WARNING* - This one will make you dizzy after a while!


Layfayette yeah ok
I LOVE Lafayette; and even if you've never seen the show, you should get the jist of this!

LOL, happy “hump” day everyone! 😀

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