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no facebook connect December 20, 2011
The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog

The number one thing that almost¬†guarantees that I won’t comment on your blog is Facebook Connect. Why? Well it’s simple: I do not want to use Facebook the way that you want me to use Facebook. I realize that this is not your intention. You probably just wanted to make things nice and easy for […]

Google + December 19, 2011
3 Great Reasons To Use Google +

For whatever reason, I’ve been coming across discussions about Google + in various venues. The opinions seem pretty much split, with some calling it a failure; while others think it is uber awesome. I think that both opinions are valid; but what I think is even more amazing is the fact that the usefulness and […]

Black Boys December 17, 2011
Thanks, But No Thanks Mr. Marks

Gene Marks wrote an incredibly myopic article on Forbes 3 days ago entitled, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid“. I remember reading it and just shouting out frustrations – all while my dear BF sarcastically remarked at what excellent points he had. Now there are so many excellent rebuttals out there to Mr. Marks’ […]

December 16, 2011
Love Will Tear Us Apart

Two nights ago I started getting wind of all the windfall surrounding Matisyahu shaving off his beard. As expected, many Jewish sites jumped up quickly to post the news, with some reactions being pretty negative; while others focused on the deeper, halachaic significance. As I read the articles and blogs in earnest, I’m glad that […]

facebook or twitter December 13, 2011
Social Media Monitoring 1: Reppler and Friend or Follow

Way too often, people just stumble into social media…without understanding it, their ultimate goal, or its long-range impact. My BF is sort of a microcosm of this (to me anyway). When we first met, his interest was a little piqued by my ongoing updates and fiddling with Twitter and Google + (he already had a […]

wordpress vs. joomla December 12, 2011
Joomla or WordPress?

In the past two weeks, I’ve been asked a few times whether I prefer Joomla or WordPress for blogging and/or website development. There are many, many articles on the ‘net that outline the advantages and disadvantages of both. However in my own personal view, it really comes down to what you want the website to […]

mechitza ezrat nashim December 11, 2011
Orthodox Judaism Doesn’t Need Feminism

I’ve been encountering more and more Jews who are not Orthodox themselves, but have Orthodox Jewish relatives. It is always interesting to hear their opinions of their decision to live Torah observant lives; although the remarks are not always positive. Not too long ago, I was speaking with a woman who was absolutely baffled at […]

finals December 9, 2011
Finals – It Shouldn’t Be About The Grade

Wait…before I forget: KH6KHCP7A9QZ (Technorati claim token). Well it’s finals season; and of course, here I am, up at some un-G-dly hour because I had to produce 3 times the amount of work usually required in my courses, with an inflexible due date staring me in the face. But as much as I (and my […]