Designer Digs – Why Buy?

January 29, 2012

As a present, my wonderful BF brought a new Coach purse for me. I’ve never considered myself a fashionista, nor do I care so much about impressing people (via whatever happens to impress them). However when we first started dating, my BF noticed that I was admiring some Coach purses in Macy’s (where he eventually brought my purse). When he first mentioned that he wanted to buy one for me, I scoffed. But after taking another look, and seeing that with some sales and a gift card, the purse would be less than $150, I obliged 🙂 .

In my family, there are two camps when it comes to shopping. My mother is of the opinion that the less you pay for something, the better. She cares very little about authenticity or name brand (although quality is still on the priority list). My sister and my aunt on the other hand believe in sporting the real deal; with designer labels being preferred. Since I’ve always had challenges in regards to my income, I never could fully understand their logic. But I do remember my aunt distinctly telling me what I had to do. “You have to put $25-$50 aside from each paycheck. Save up and buy one thing at a time. Take care of your stuff. Designer brand items don’t go out of style so quickly”.

My BF and I are not rich people. However I’ve had my share of Wal-Mart and Payless purses; I’ve even had knockoff bags. And they have almost always let me down. Time will tell in regards to the quality of my new Coach bag, but for now the devil is in the details. In spite of the laments about Coach bags now being made in China, the presentation and packaging of the product is just amazing. I mean, have you ever been to a Coach store? Each item is displayed and presented to you like a museum piece. This is definitely no accidental. However a little known fact is that Coach also strives for their products to be affordable, capturing consumers who want some distinctiveness; but who do not have a lot of money at their disposal.

So while designer clothes and accessories ‘may’ be made better in terms of quality; the real appeal of designer name is the emotional attachment you have to the product. Yes, there are cheaper purses out there (just like there are cheaper cups of coffee besides Starbucks); but how do you feel about those other brands vs. a Coach? In the end it boils down to being happy with your purchases and feeling that your money has been spent well.

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