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the college question October 26, 2013
Think Twice About Skipping Out On College If You Are Poor

Looking at higher education today, one of the most common discussions center around college affordability and whether or not a college degree is worth the cost. However one thing that these discussions often seem to assume is that entrepreneurship and/or self-directed learning is the alternative to college. A smaller portion of discussions promote the idea […]

marketing model October 21, 2013
4 Terms That Marketers Always Need To Define

Perhaps I’m biased, but I feel that marketing is the most misunderstood subject area of all of the business disciplines. Perhaps this is because there are a lot of terms out there that are related to marketing, that many feel are either synonymous with marketing; or represent the only part of marketing that they need […]

Marie Laveau October 18, 2013
Historical Inaccuracies In American Horror Story: Coven

First of all, I just love American Horror Story. The show is amazing…simply put. If Jessica Lange doesn’t win every eligible award out there, than the establishment is just incredibly out of touch. Ok, so enough with that. This is not what this blog post is about. It is about something that I heard in […]

Wharton Marketing October 15, 2013
Marketing 101 On Coursera Underway!

Yesterday was the start of the Coursera course, An Introduction To Marketing, presented by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. So you may be wondering, why would someone with an MBA in marketing want to take this course? Well, for several reasons really. One of my pet peeves in regards to how people […]

PASSHE October 11, 2013
A New Chancellor For PASSHE

A random tweet in my Twitter feed displayed the following: Chancellor of Pa. State System says university cuts are regrettable but necessary http://t.co/dCSVlX1Ht1 — US Higher Education (@USHigherEdu) October 11, 2013 When I clicked on the story, I saw that the chancellor being quoted was Frank Brogan. Hmmm….where did I know that name from? Reading […]

October 6, 2013
Who’s In The Market For Vinyl?

A big focus of my other website is writing about and discussing topics of interest to those who collect soul records; and when I say “records” I mean those round discs that are pressed out from vinyl that you rotate on a platter to play. While I’ve had records ever since I was a little […]

No Words October 2, 2013
Digital Marketing Acronyms Galore

I must admit, I was inspired to create this blog post after reading this article on Mashable. I wouldn’t mind at all if you read that piece first, and then come back to mine (it is that good). But I personally feel alienated whenever I see marketing professionals using acronyms left and right. I even […]

wvu September 28, 2013
Party Hearty WVU

So the results are in…out…whatever. West Virginia University has topped the Playboy list of “party schools”. So yes, I’ll do my proverbial face palm here that my sheepskin was granted to me by an institution with such a reputation. But in just a few moments, I was over it. Why? Well because what does a […]