no facebook login

No Facebook Login Here

This marks weekend #2 of working on my Joomla site. One of the things I’m focusing on now is the user registration and login features. My template comes with the option to have site visitors login using their Facebook credentials (commonly known as Facebook Connect). However after looking at the Facebook API requirements and thinking…

Joomla Three

Wrestling With Joomla 3.1.5

This past weekend, I decided to create a new Joomla site. Partly, I missed working with it since my dabbles back in 2011 doing some freelance work (which turned out to be less than a pleasant experience). Also, I guess I felt very empowered by my recent update and redesign of my own site, that…


The MBA Degree: Demystified!

In the not too distant past, I made the decision to go to graduate school…specifically to earn an MBA degree. Back then, I didn’t think that the application and selection process would be that much different from any other graduate program. Well I quickly found out that I was wrong. Not only was I wrong,…


A Free, One Stop Site For Twitter Analytics

As much as I enjoy peeking into batches of data and analytics about my website and social media accounts, I just cannot bring myself to pay money to do so. So I’ve resigned myself to using free versions of premium tools (which often times leaves you feeling like the kid with the broken leg at…

Rebel Mouse

New Site Design – Featuring Rebel Mouse

I’ve been thinking about my blog (thinking about it….not posting on it though) a lot lately. My old theme was beautiful, robust…and wasn’t meeting my needs at all. The truth is, I am not a frequent blogger. I am not a business. I am simply a college graduate who is trying to market herself and…

The Obamas Should Not Have A Seder

On Monday night, Passover, or “chag hamatzot” will begin. It is one of the most widely observed and important holidays of the Jewish calendar. But the Jews will not be alone in getting their haggadot and seder plates ready. President Obama, his family, and select others will be joining in on the fun as well….