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interview November 8, 2014
How To Manage Employee Turnover

I’ve probably had almost 20 jobs in my lifetime since the age of 15. Almost always, my position was one where I replaced a previous employee who left. Also in many cases, I left a position, knowing that someone would be replacing me eventually. In today’s job climate, employee turnover is inevitable. In many instances, […]

Michael Brown protest Chicago October 24, 2014
Ferguson Embodies All That Is Wrong With America

On August 9, 2014, a young Black male by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by a White police officer, Darren Wilson. The event caused a media firestorm. The town of Ferguson, MO a suburb 8 miles from St. Louis, became the hot bed of protests, riots and then looting…all while media […]

Tasteless slavery cartoon September 20, 2014
Overcoming Apathy to Racism

Yesterday I came across an article on Diversity Inc. regarding a racist editorial cartoon that was run in a Pennsylvania newspaper that the editor later had to apologize for running (curiously, the cartoonist who drew the picture is not apologizing). I posted about it on Facebook, which resulted in the below: Post by Rishona Campbell. Not […]

black couple bills September 8, 2014
Black American Economics 101

Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO (and the resulting aftermath) several weeks ago, I have seen and participated in many discussions regarding justice, racism, and Black economics. As frustrating and disheartening as some of these conversations have been, I’m very glad that I participated in them. A very common sentiment out there among non-Black […]

David Gordon August 20, 2014
There Are Real People Behind The Headlines

Social media has come to redefine our interpersonal relationships today. Never has this been more apparent than what I’ve seen yesterday. Due to my own life struggles, I am notorious for not keeping in contact with people. I think of them often, but I can’t bring myself to actually call, write, and most certainly not visit. […]

Robin Williams August 12, 2014
It’s Too Little, Too Late For Robin Williams

I rarely blog about current new events, “celebrity news” especially. However with Facebook and Twitter all buzzing about the death of Robin Williams, I caught myself wanting to comment, but then opting to refrain…because my comments were not in the spirit of finding empathy with the poster in most cases. Basically, I think that it’s tacky […]

Kingston Jamaica August 7, 2014
The Jamaican Business Landscape of the 21st Century

52 years ago today, Jamaica gained independence from British rule. Since then, things have not always been easy for the Caribbean island. But things have not been all bad either. The reason for Jamaica’s economic woes are complex, and if you are ever able to see the documentary Life And Debt, it will really open […]

Flag of Israel July 29, 2014
From Where Do You Get Your Opinions On Israel?

This is going to be a difficult post to write. For the past month, there’s been a lot of frightening news coming out of Israel. It all began with the kidnapping of three Israeli teenage boys, which ended badly. Hamas was blamed…and (more) rockets flew. My own personal relationship with Israel is complex. Like many […]