Capital One 360

Online Banking Part II – Capital One 360 Review

Two weeks ago I made the move to complete online banking when I closed  bank account at a local brick & mortar bank, and opened a checking account with Capital One. Unlike my Ally Bank account, the Capital One 360 account is a bona fide checking account. So there are no limits on usage during a…

Mahatma Ghandi You Mad Bro

Musings On The Racist Quotes of Mahatma Ghandi

The Atlanta Black Star published and article entitled Not All Peaceful: 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Black People. Now, I’m not very familiar with this publication, but I’m giving it a serious side eye right now. Why? Well because I’m not exactly sure what their endgame is here. Surely when it was posted on…

Ally Bank Logo

Online Banking Part I – Ally Bank Review

I’ve finally made the leap into [complete] online banking last week. I admit, even after years of using many of the online tools offered by my local brick and mortar banks, I’ve always hesitated at the idea of stashing your money away with a company that has no local office that you can walk into….

Get Amazon Prime for Only $49

When I worked for my previous company, my boss graciously approved an annual subscription of Amazon Prime for me since I frequently used Amazon to order supplies and equipment for the office. When I left the company, and especially since Amazon hiked their annual subscription fee from $79 to $99 per year. I figured that…