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Ally Bank Logo August 25, 2015
Online Banking Part I – Ally Bank Review

I’ve finally made the leap into [complete] online banking last week. I admit, even after years of using many of the online tools offered by my local brick and mortar banks, I’ve always hesitated at the idea of stashing your money away with a company that has no local office that you can walk into. […]

August 11, 2015
Get Amazon Prime for Only $49

When I worked for my previous company, my boss graciously approved an annual subscription of Amazon Prime for me since I frequently used Amazon to order supplies and equipment for the office. When I left the company, and especially since Amazon hiked their annual subscription fee from $79 to $99 per year. I figured that […]

legal study April 2, 2015
Takeaways from ‘An Introduction to American Law’

Last week I finished up the 6 week course An Introduction to American Law from the University of Pennsylvania’s Open Learning initiative and hosted on Coursera. Just like my previous Coursera/UPenn courses, this one was fantastic. I even opted for the Signature Track this time…but more on that later 😉 The course description of this […]

the Skimm March 29, 2015
Why ‘The Skimm’ Is Now The Highlight of My Mornings

It’s Sunday. That means no morning e-mail newsletter from the Skimm. Why is this even worth mentioning? I mean if you are anything like me, your email is already filled to the brim with e-mail newsletters, updates and mailing list spam — all that give you ample opportunity make sure your trash/delete/garbage can button still […]

Bibi March 18, 2015
Why Bibi’s Win Shouldn’t Upset American Liberals

Earlier today a co-worker asked about how I felt about Bejamin Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections. I felt that in this instance, in a conversation with a non-Jewish American, brevity would be best, so I responded, “I think it’s good.” And it’s true…I do think that it’s a good thing. In spite of awaking […]

made in china March 8, 2015
Made in China, But Marketed in the U.S.A

Last week I was clicking around on YouTube and I stumbled upon Phil Busardo’s videos where he went to China. For those who may not know, Phil is a well-respected vaping reviewer and advocate. Anyway, the modern electronic cigarette was invented in China, and the majority of the electronic cigarette/vaping equipment that is in use […]

e-liquid March 1, 2015
My Third Month of Vaping

So I’ve pushed this post back over and over for some time now. In regards to vaping, I’ve had some equipment woes. However I’m still sorting through it so I think I’ll wait until next month (God willing) to talk about that. So this time, I’m going to talk about e-liquid, or ‘e-juice’; which is […]

Jamaican Flag Marijuana Leaf February 8, 2015
Green Gold: Can Jamaica Really Profit from Marijuana Legalization?

In late January, the Jamaican Parliament passed a bill that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana (less than 2 ounces). This is a really surprising, but timely move by the Jamaican government. In spite of marijuana being so intrinsically tied into Jamaican culture, thank to the Rastafarians, the laws of the country have prohibited […]