Hello! My name is Rishona (ree-SHON-a), and I’m a 30-something single mom who loves to learn, educate and connect with others; especially online. I have 10+ years experience in blogging and creating websites online. My professional background includes working in real estate, insurance, accounting, retail, and technology. I earned my bachelor’s degree  as a non-traditional student, a few months shy of my 30th birthday, at West Virginia University (let’s go Mountaineers!). I also have an MBA in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University.

About this blog:

I started this particular blog originally with a personal slant. However I realized that I was writing more about truly personal issues over on my Tumblr blog, and saving the more general topics for this blog. So if I had to sum up my vision for this blog in one sentence, it would be:

Writings about religion, culture, career, technology and business from the perspective of a modern, cross-cultural woman.

So why use the word “cross-cultural” instead of “multicultural”? Well, in my view, most Americans are multicultural by default. It is up to the individual to embrace and/or apply that multiculturalism to their lives however. Additionally in my case, there is the culture that I was born into; and the culture that I have adopted. I was born as a first-generation American, an American Black person, low-income and female. I have adopted living in various places, the religion of Judaism, higher education (and the environment that goes along with that), and dating interracially. Therefore this blog is not simply about multicultural topics, but more about how the combination of all of these cultures together effect my worldview.

*Update* – Since having my son in 2016, I’ve been increasingly interested in saving money and trying to escape the trap of living paycheck to paycheck. Therefore there are bound to be more posts regarding those issues as well. 🙂

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