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police profanity September 30, 2016
That Pesky ‘N-Word’

McKeesport made national news this week when a Snapchat photo sent by a McKeesport police officer went viral on the internet; and not for a good reason. The offending office took a selfie in her police uniform and included the caption “I’m the law today nigga”. Here, see for yourself: Given the current state of […]

colin kaepernick August 30, 2016
What Makes Us Black?

So the name on the tip of the media’s tongue currently is Colin Kaepernick; a man who I really had no idea existed until he protested the national anthem. While reading one of the many articles regarding his protest, I saw that someone left the comment “I didn’t know that he was Black”. My off-the-cuff […]

Ellen DeGeneres on Usain Bolt August 19, 2016
Ellen’s Innocuous Racism

After Usain Bolt won his first gold medal of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, an iconic photo of the track & field superstar surfaced and the meme games began. Ellen (DeGeneres) jumped on the bandwagon and photoshopped a picture of herself on Usain’s back along with the comment “This is how I’m running errands from […]

August 11, 2016
A Poor Woman’s Cable: Streaming TV

About 10 years ago, I ditched cable TV. Initially it was because I was hardly ever at home, I had a decent DVD collection, and of course, it just cost way too much. About 4 years ago, I signed up for Netflix (I used to do their DVD-by-mail service, remember that?) and I haven’t looked […]

July 29, 2016
The Worst Payday Loan Company Ever

So I have a rant that I need to get out of my system. After more than a year, I had to bite the bullet and get a payday loan. The torque converter went in my car around the middle of June. After being without a car for more than two weeks (and paying for […]

Muhammad Ali quote June 10, 2016
Muhammad Ali – the G.O.A.T., For This Generation Only

Yesterday was Muhammad Ali’s funeral. He passed away on Shabbat, so I had time to privately deal with the news. 2016 has been a devastating year in terms of deaths of iconic figures. However Muhammad’s death was different. He had been ailing for quite a few years and it’s like the Creator has finally decided […]

cervical cerclage June 8, 2016
My Transabdominal Cerclage

This is a kind of off-the-wall topic compared to what I usually blog about, but I decided to share my story and experience and add to the chorus of women’s voices who have this issue. What’s the issue exactly? Well I have something called an incompetent cervix. This is a problem, where if I had […]

prince April 22, 2016
Purple Tears – The Death of an Artist

Undoubtedly countless people have or will be writing about Prince and the impact that he has had on the music industry and/or to them personally. Having grown up as an 80s kid, Prince was part of the soundtrack of my youth. I “inherited” his self-titled album from my mother. His handsome face framed by long […]

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