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mechitza ezrat nashim December 11, 2011
Orthodox Judaism Doesn’t Need Feminism

I’ve been encountering more and more Jews who are not Orthodox themselves, but have Orthodox Jewish relatives. It is always interesting to hear their opinions of their decision to live Torah observant lives; although the remarks are not always positive. Not too long ago, I was speaking with a woman who was absolutely baffled at […]

finals December 9, 2011
Finals – It Shouldn’t Be About The Grade

Wait…before I forget: KH6KHCP7A9QZ (Technorati claim token). Well it’s finals season; and of course, here I am, up at some un-G-dly hour because I had to produce 3 times the amount of work usually required in my courses, with an inflexible due date staring me in the face. But as much as I (and my […]

debt December 7, 2011
Pay Day Loans – A Lifeline (sometimes)

Well my checkbook register is looking very scary right now. Due to a “return item unpaid” from my November payment to T-Mobile, my account was shaken a bit. Then due to an unauthorized draft of $30 (by some mystery company),  a pro-rated car insurance payment that was $22 dollars higher than usual (that’s my fault…I […]

Magen David December 6, 2011
Forums For Converts To Judaism

Conversion to Judaism is kinda codified (in that there are lots of books and online resources about it), but it kind of isn’t. This is especially true in regards to conversion to Orthodox Judaism where the experiences from convert to convert vary greatly. One of the things that I wish I had when I was […]

Zak's right arm December 5, 2011
Unexpected Love For The Unexpecting

Without a doubt, I’ll be referring to my BF (boyfriend) in this blog; so I figured I would dedicate a post to him. In some ways I think it’s premature, but in other ways, I do feel like I should introduce him. First of all, I have no issues admitting that before meeting my BF, […]

tax receipt December 3, 2011
It’s Not Tax Season, But….

My BF recently got approved for food stamps. I’m very excited for him, because he struggles so much financially, and any type of help is such a blessing. In spite of what the naysayers (especially on City-Data) say, food stamps, welfare, and other social service programs are not some sort of noose around the taxpayers’ […]

woodburn hall December 2, 2011
Super Alums?

A few moments ago, I just received an email from WVU NARN regarding their new special website for members. The member’s section is pretty basic. But I did find (and print…sorry trees) the 51 page “Member Training Guide” that makes you a bona fide expert on West Virginia University. Seriously; master of this handbook should […]

December 1, 2011

Well, this is a new beginning. I’ve opted to let my old website & blog slip away into oblivion. Too many things were put into public view; too little of it was constructive. I’ve made some drastic changes in my off-line life, so this new site is just a mirror of that. Stay tuned; I […]

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