Vamo V2

Vamo V2 Review

About 10 months ago I came across a sale from VaporBeast where they had the Vamo V2 on sale for $14! I snatched it up quick, fast and in a hurry because my Kanger eMow was having some problems and by this point I really wanted to get a unit where the battery was removable….

made in china

Made in China, But Marketed in the U.S.A

Last week I was clicking around on YouTube and I stumbled upon Phil Busardo’s videos where he went to China. For those who may not know, Phil is a well-respected vaping reviewer and advocate. Anyway, the modern electronic cigarette was invented in China, and the majority of the electronic cigarette/vaping equipment that is in use…


My Third Month of Vaping

So I’ve pushed this post back over and over for some time now. In regards to vaping, I’ve had some equipment woes. However I’m still sorting through it so I think I’ll wait until next month (God willing) to talk about that. So this time, I’m going to talk about e-liquid, or ‘e-juice’; which is…

Kangertech EMOW

My Second Month of Vaping

Well life is interesting to say the least…you never know what you’ll encounter on a journey when you take that first step… Vaping has been like that. A month ago I was pretty happy with my setup. I had a plan in my head about vaping. I was fine with using basic, step-up equipment. However…


My 1st Month of Vaping

I realize that there are probably a million articles online regarding e-cigarettes and the act of “smoking” (<<<I put that in quotes, because you actually aren’t burning anything) them, which is called vaping. So why add one more to the mix? Well I find that most of the articles are not un-biased, in that they…