greatest movie ever sold

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Documentary or Mockumentary?

My morning started off very early and I had time to watch a documentary on Netflix before getting ready for work. I settled in on watching The POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold; a documentary on product placement in movies and corporate advertising in general by Morgan Spurlock. I do like Morgan Spurlock….

counterfeit goods

Attack of the Clones: Buying & Selling Counterfeit Products

Clones, counterfeits, bootlegs. I’m sure that we all have an opinion about buying (or marketing) them. Those opinions may be strong, or they may bother on apathetic. However what is harder to determine is if they are right or wrong; or ethical or immoral. This issue came to the forefront of my mind after reading…

Bob Marley

Marketing Mr. Marley

In the music business, people may assume that identifying the target market for your brand (the performer) is a no-brainer. However, there are quite of few examples where a band or a musician developed a following among a surprising demographic. Or maybe it is just surprising to some of us… When I was growing up…

marketing model

4 Terms That Marketers Always Need To Define

Perhaps I’m biased, but I feel that marketing is the most misunderstood subject area of all of the business disciplines. Perhaps this is because there are a lot of terms out there that are related to marketing, that many feel are either synonymous with marketing; or represent the only part of marketing that they need…

Who’s In The Market For Vinyl?

A big focus of my other website is writing about and discussing topics of interest to those who collect soul records; and when I say “records” I mean those round discs that are pressed out from vinyl that you rotate on a platter to play. While I’ve had records ever since I was a little…

No Words

Digital Marketing Acronyms Galore

I must admit, I was inspired to create this blog post after reading this article on Mashable. I wouldn’t mind at all if you read that piece first, and then come back to mine (it is that good). But I personally feel alienated whenever I see marketing professionals using acronyms left and right. I even…