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social media graduate programs September 23, 2013
6 Reputable Graduate Programs In Social Media Or Digital Marketing

For those who are trailblazers or just functional realists, you may be wondering where you can go to get a post-graduate credential in social media and/or digital marketing. Well there are quite a few programs who are jumping on the bandwagon. I figured it would help to compile a list of the ones that I […]

Twitonomy September 4, 2013
A Free, One Stop Site For Twitter Analytics

As much as I enjoy peeking into batches of data and analytics about my website and social media accounts, I just cannot bring myself to pay money to do so. So I’ve resigned myself to using free versions of premium tools (which often times leaves you feeling like the kid with the broken leg at […]

Rebel Mouse August 31, 2013
New Site Design – Featuring Rebel Mouse

I’ve been thinking about my blog (thinking about it….not posting on it though) a lot lately. My old theme was beautiful, robust…and wasn’t meeting my needs at all. The truth is, I am not a frequent blogger. I am not a business. I am simply a college graduate who is trying to market herself and […]

June 12, 2012
Developing Your Pinterest Strategy

As a follow-up to my other post on Pinterest, I would like to update my progress in regards to both my usage and my opinion of the site. It is safe to say that I visit Pinterest¬†several times on a daily basis — although I only spend about 5-10 minutes at a time. Unlike Facebook, […]

March 18, 2012
Pinterest Is Cool, But Is It Needed?

About two months ago, I opened a Pinterest account. At first, I really didn’t get it. However with all of the recent buzz about the site, I decided to give it another go about 3 weeks ago. This time, I created some of my own boards and started following some of my friends from Facebook […]

January 7, 2012
Make Room In Your Online Life For Tumblr

Today if you want your own personal zone in cyberspace, it is easier than ever. You also have no shortage of choices in regards to “how” you want to be online and “what” you want to do online. But before you make the leap to start building virtual cornerstones, it would be wise to sit […]

social networking January 6, 2012
A Painless Way To Do A Personal Social Media Audit

Do you “collect” social media and networking accounts? You know what I mean — you’ve created an account on Twitter, Google +, etc., but you are unsure about how or why to use it. Or perhaps you do use it, but you are losing sight of its effectiveness or its overall purpose; which leads to […]

no facebook connect December 20, 2011
The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog

The number one thing that almost¬†guarantees that I won’t comment on your blog is Facebook Connect. Why? Well it’s simple: I do not want to use Facebook the way that you want me to use Facebook. I realize that this is not your intention. You probably just wanted to make things nice and easy for […]