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Michael Brown protest Chicago October 24, 2014
Ferguson Embodies All That Is Wrong With America

On August 9, 2014, a young Black male by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by a White police officer, Darren Wilson. The event caused a media firestorm. The town of Ferguson, MO a suburb 8 miles from St. Louis, became the hot bed of protests, riots and then looting…all while media […]

April 17, 2012
Say My Name, Say My Name

I’ve learned to love my name. But it wasn’t always that way. I remember when I was a young child, I was incredibly frustrated that no one else shared my name. I also didn’t like the fact that it’s spelling was not intuitive to most people, and my name was (and is) constantly misspelled. However […]

March 29, 2012
The Modern Day Minstrel Show

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlpvhtd1uaI&feature=youtu.be[/youtube] A friend posted this video on her Facebook timeline, remarking “Now that’s real talent!” Without a doubt, both Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr. were world class entertainers. However I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of offense; in that seeing two grown Black men tap dancing is just a little too reminiscent of a minstrel […]