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no facebook login September 22, 2013
No Facebook Login Here

This marks weekend #2 of working on my Joomla site. One of the things I’m focusing on now is the user registration and login features. My template comes with the option to have site visitors login using their Facebook credentials (commonly known as Facebook Connect). However after looking at the Facebook API requirements and thinking […]

social networking January 6, 2012
A Painless Way To Do A Personal Social Media Audit

Do you “collect” social media and networking accounts? You know what I mean — you’ve created an account on Twitter, Google +, etc., but you are unsure about how or why to use it. Or perhaps you do use it, but you are losing sight of its effectiveness or its overall purpose; which leads to […]

January 2, 2012
Protected: Should You Be Friends With Your Ex On Facebook?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Shocked Prince December 21, 2011
Guilty Pleasures – I.

Thanks the the Blackfolk Community on LJ, I’ve come across some great animated gifs. You know, those annoying little pictures that move around on webpages? 😀 Well I happen to think that some of them are pretty cool. Unfortunately they don’t work everywhere (like on Facebook…the devil…). Here are some of my favorites:     […]

no facebook connect December 20, 2011
The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog

The number one thing that almost guarantees that I won’t comment on your blog is Facebook Connect. Why? Well it’s simple: I do not want to use Facebook the way that you want me to use Facebook. I realize that this is not your intention. You probably just wanted to make things nice and easy for […]

Google + December 19, 2011
3 Great Reasons To Use Google +

For whatever reason, I’ve been coming across discussions about Google + in various venues. The opinions seem pretty much split, with some calling it a failure; while others think it is uber awesome. I think that both opinions are valid; but what I think is even more amazing is the fact that the usefulness and […]

facebook or twitter December 13, 2011
Social Media Monitoring 1: Reppler and Friend or Follow

Way too often, people just stumble into social media…without understanding it, their ultimate goal, or its long-range impact. My BF is sort of a microcosm of this (to me anyway). When we first met, his interest was a little piqued by my ongoing updates and fiddling with Twitter and Google + (he already had a […]