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2012 Discover Orange Bowl January 5, 2012
2012 Orange Bowl Champions (A Marketing Dream)

First of all, I would like to say “congratulations” to the Mountaineers on an amazing victory over Clemson last night! 😀 Without a doubt, college athletic programs add a lot to a college’s brand, like it or not. They also help to bring a school’s name out into the spotlight, which in turn helps to bolster […]

December 22, 2011
MBA Progress Report: Fall 2011 Update

It’s hard to believe that a little over two years ago, I first enrolled in my MBA program (and I was absolutely terrified about my ability to succeed). Now, 30 credits later, it’s very interesting to see how my perspective has changed. While some courses have been more difficult than others, the MBA coursework at […]

finals December 9, 2011
Finals – It Shouldn’t Be About The Grade

Wait…before I forget: KH6KHCP7A9QZ (Technorati claim token). Well it’s finals season; and of course, here I am, up at some un-G-dly hour because I had to produce 3 times the amount of work usually required in my courses, with an inflexible due date staring me in the face. But as much as I (and my […]