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legal study April 2, 2015
Takeaways from ‘An Introduction to American Law’

Last week I finished up the 6 week course An Introduction to American Law from the University of Pennsylvania’s Open Learning initiative and hosted on Coursera. Just like my previous Coursera/UPenn courses, this one was fantastic. I even opted for the Signature Track this time…but more on that later 😉 The course description of this […]

The Beatles with hats February 17, 2014
A Black History Month Hat Tip to The Beatles

A few years ago, it became a little bit of a buzz when the Beatles performance contract from 1965 specified that they could not be forced to perform in front of a segregated audience in the US. John Lennon is quoted as saying: “We never play to segregated audiences and we aren’t going to start […]

Northwestern University January 26, 2014
Northwestern U.’s Content Strategy for Professionals Course Is Underway

I’m at the end of the 2nd week of Northwestern University‘s Content Strategy for Professionals course on Coursera. In all honesty, I’ve had so much going on that I haven’t been spending a whole heck of a lot of time on this course. I’ve been watching the videos, and read a bit of the course’s […]

MOOC December 22, 2013
A Postscript for The Wharton School’s An Introduction to Marketing Course on Coursera

In the wee hours of the morning, I finished my final exam in the An Introduction to Marketing Course from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business on Coursera. For several reasons, I did not ace the final. However I did pass the course. I will try to summarize my experience in this particular […]

Wharton Marketing October 15, 2013
Marketing 101 On Coursera Underway!

Yesterday was the start of the Coursera course, An Introduction To Marketing, presented by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. So you may be wondering, why would someone with an MBA in marketing want to take this course? Well, for several reasons really. One of my pet peeves in regards to how people […]