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August 11, 2016
A Poor Woman’s Cable: Streaming TV

About 10 years ago, I ditched cable TV. Initially it was because I was hardly ever at home, I had a decent DVD collection, and of course, it just cost way too much. About 4 years ago, I signed up for Netflix (I used to do their DVD-by-mail service, remember that?) and I haven’t looked […]

greatest movie ever sold February 4, 2016
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Documentary or Mockumentary?

My morning started off very early and I had time to watch a documentary on Netflix before getting ready for work. I settled in on watching The POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold; a documentary on product placement in movies and corporate advertising in general by Morgan Spurlock. I do like Morgan Spurlock. […]

The Interview Movie December 21, 2014
Why the POTUS Should Stay Out of the Entertainment Industry

I admit, have not been closely following the story about the movie The Interview and Sony Pictures’ decision to pull the film from theaters. However when I heard that President Obama made a statement that he publicly disagreed with Sony’s decision, I had to roll my eyes. It’s not that I agree or disagree with […]

Robin Williams August 12, 2014
It’s Too Little, Too Late For Robin Williams

I rarely blog about current new events, “celebrity news” especially. However with Facebook and Twitter all buzzing about the death of Robin Williams, I caught myself wanting to comment, but then opting to refrain…because my comments were not in the spirit of finding empathy with the poster in most cases. Basically, I think that it’s tacky […]

February 11, 2012
Esther was not the scariest thing in “The Orphan”

I’m really not into horror movies…especially the new ones. To me, being afraid, startled and disgusted isn’t really my idea of good entertainment. However my BF loves them…so for him, I’ll indulge. A couple of nights back, we opted to watch “The Orphan”; a horror movie that actually caught my eye due to the villain’s […]