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prince April 22, 2016
Purple Tears – The Death of an Artist

Undoubtedly countless people have or will be writing about Prince and the impact that he has had on the music industry and/or to them personally. Having grown up as an 80s kid, Prince was part of the soundtrack of my youth. I “inherited” his self-titled album from my mother. His handsome face framed by long […]

The Wiz Live December 14, 2015
Long Live Black Entertainment

So I finally set some time aside to see NBC’s The Wiz – Live. It was fabulous too! But I must admit, it wasn’t just the show itself; although I think they did a respectable enough job with the production. A big part of it was the quality and timelessness of The Wiz itself. The […]

Young Gifted And Black June 30, 2014
Embracing the Version – Reggae Cover Songs

A few months ago, I casually mentioned to a friend that there were so many great reggae versions of popular songs. I boastfully stated that I could probably come up with at least 100 songs. She casually mentioned back that she would like to see such a list. So I began an endeavor of listing […]

discogs June 27, 2014
How Discogs Can Help Your Offline Music Selling and Collecting Efforts

Discogs is far from being perfect; even still, it’s an invaluable website to any record collector or seller. Even if you never register and open an account on the site, you can still utilize the site to get important information regarding the value of your records. To those who aren’t familiar with record collecting, especially […]

The Beatles with hats February 17, 2014
A Black History Month Hat Tip to The Beatles

A few years ago, it became a little bit of a buzz when the Beatles performance contract from 1965 specified that they could not be forced to perform in front of a segregated audience in the US. John Lennon is quoted as saying: “We never play to segregated audiences and we aren’t going to start […]

Tessanne Chin January 13, 2014
Tessanne Chin: An Example Of Successful Unconventionality

Tessanne Chin was awarded the Gold Medal of the city of Kingston, Jamaica yesterday. This is just one more of the many accolades Ms. Chin has received since first appearing on the TV show, The Voice in September of 2013. In hindsight, her success may seem logical. But the weight of uncertainty and risk is easy […]

Bob Marley December 25, 2013
Marketing Mr. Marley

In the music business, people may assume that identifying the target market for your brand (the performer) is a no-brainer. However, there are quite of few examples where a band or a musician developed a following among a surprising demographic. Or maybe it is just surprising to some of us… When I was growing up […]

October 6, 2013
Who’s In The Market For Vinyl?

A big focus of my other website is writing about and discussing topics of interest to those who collect soul records; and when I say “records” I mean those round discs that are pressed out from vinyl that you rotate on a platter to play. While I’ve had records ever since I was a little […]