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Kingston Jamaica August 7, 2014
The Jamaican Business Landscape of the 21st Century

52 years ago today, Jamaica gained independence from British rule. Since then, things have not always been easy for the Caribbean island. But things have not been all bad either. The reason for Jamaica’s economic woes are complex, and if you are ever able to see the documentary Life And Debt, it will really open […]

January 19, 2012
4 Crucial Tools for Networking In Your Online MBA Program

One of the most popular arguments against online MBA programs is the lack of opportunity to network with your program peers. In my opinion, the need to network within your MBA program is subjective and variable; and I also have no way to compare the two experiences (online vs. face-to-face) firsthand. But I will share […]

social networking January 6, 2012
A Painless Way To Do A Personal Social Media Audit

Do you “collect” social media and networking accounts? You know what I mean — you’ve created an account on Twitter, Google +, etc., but you are unsure about how or why to use it. Or perhaps you do use it, but you are losing sight of its effectiveness or its overall purpose; which leads to […]