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black couple bills September 8, 2014
Black American Economics 101

Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO (and the resulting aftermath) several weeks ago, I have seen and participated in many discussions regarding justice, racism, and Black economics. As frustrating and disheartening as some of these conversations have been, I’m very glad that I participated in them. A very common sentiment out there among non-Black […]

the college question October 26, 2013
Think Twice About Skipping Out On College If You Are Poor

Looking at higher education today, one of the most common discussions center around college affordability and whether or not a college degree is worth the cost. However one thing that these discussions often seem to assume is that entrepreneurship and/or self-directed learning is the alternative to college. A smaller portion of discussions promote the idea […]

April 9, 2012
The Dirty Truth About Welfare

As a liberal and democratic socialist, the topic of welfare is a hotbed one that most people will disagree with me on. First of all, I have little tolerance for those that berate the welfare system. Sentiments like the ones expressed below, strike me as both cruel and socially short-sighted: As Speaker of the House […]

March 11, 2012
Outlook Means Everything

Last week, I was talking to a co-worker with pre-teens about youth and angst issues. As a pre-teen, I experienced a lot of angst at the fact that I was being raised by “old-fashioned” Grandparents that never let me do anything fun…and also the fact that me and my relatively young mother did not get […]

Black Boys December 17, 2011
Thanks, But No Thanks Mr. Marks

Gene Marks wrote an incredibly myopic article on Forbes 3 days ago entitled, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid“. I remember reading it and just shouting out frustrations – all while my dear BF sarcastically remarked at what excellent points he had. Now there are so many excellent rebuttals out there to Mr. Marks’ […]