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Vamo V2 December 30, 2015
Vamo V2 Review

About 10 months ago I came across a sale from VaporBeast where they had the Vamo V2 on sale for $14! I snatched it up quick, fast and in a hurry because my Kanger eMow was having some problems and by this point I really wanted to get a unit where the battery was removable. […]

Tweetchup January 16, 2014
Tweetchup: A Free, Easy Twitter Stats Tool

I received a message via my website today from Alex Kaul. It was a (very nice) request to review the Twitter analytic tool, Tweetchup. Sure…anything to help 🙂 ! Before I get started, let me tell you (as if you didn’t know already) that there are a lot of apps and tools out there to […]

wvu September 28, 2013
Party Hearty WVU

So the results are in…out…whatever. West Virginia University has topped the Playboy list of “party schools”. So yes, I’ll do my proverbial face palm here that my sheepskin was granted to me by an institution with such a reputation. But in just a few moments, I was over it. Why? Well because what does a […]

Twitonomy September 4, 2013
A Free, One Stop Site For Twitter Analytics

As much as I enjoy peeking into batches of data and analytics about my website and social media accounts, I just cannot bring myself to pay money to do so. So I’ve resigned myself to using free versions of premium tools (which often times leaves you feeling like the kid with the broken leg at […]

Rebel Mouse August 31, 2013
New Site Design – Featuring Rebel Mouse

I’ve been thinking about my blog (thinking about it….not posting on it though) a lot lately. My old theme was beautiful, robust…and wasn’t meeting my needs at all. The truth is, I am not a frequent blogger. I am not a business. I am simply a college graduate who is trying to market herself and […]