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bi-racial boy November 30, 2015
Interracial Myths and Delusions

2015 has been a tough year for racism, race relations, and all types of social discrimination. Whether 2016 is going to be any better remains to be seen. I certainly hope so. Because all I see going on around me is very discouraging. It seems that almost every day, I come across two or more […]

Jamaican Flag Marijuana Leaf February 8, 2015
Green Gold: Can Jamaica Really Profit from Marijuana Legalization?

In late January, the Jamaican Parliament passed a bill that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana (less than 2 ounces). This is a really surprising, but timely move by the Jamaican government. In spite of marijuana being so intrinsically tied into Jamaican culture, thank to the Rastafarians, the laws of the country have prohibited […]

Robin Williams August 12, 2014
It’s Too Little, Too Late For Robin Williams

I rarely blog about current new events, “celebrity news” especially. However with Facebook and Twitter all buzzing about the death of Robin Williams, I caught myself wanting to comment, but then opting to refrain…because my comments were not in the spirit of finding empathy with the poster in most cases. Basically, I think that it’s tacky […]

April 2, 2012
Clarifying (The Media’s) Definitions Of Orthodox Jews

One of the things that tends to drive me up the wall is the inaccurate media definitions of Orthodox Jews. They seem to carelessly and loosely define the term, as well as make it synonymous with Chassidic Jews, as well as having to clear distinction made between “standard” Orthodox Jews and “Ultra-Orthodox Jews“. First of […]

March 31, 2012
The Enigma Of The Black Anti-Semite

Does anyone remember the Phil Donahue show? The show went off the air when I was 17, but I distinctly recall liking Phil Donahue a whole heck of a lot more than Oprah Winfrey. Some time spent looking at old episodes on YouTube reminded me why. 🙂 It’s because Phil Donahue had shows like this […]

March 29, 2012
The Modern Day Minstrel Show

A friend posted this video on her Facebook timeline, remarking “Now that’s real talent!” Without a doubt, both Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr. were world class entertainers. However I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of offense; in that seeing two grown Black men tap dancing is just a little too reminiscent of a minstrel show […]

January 16, 2012
Another Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Well here we are again; another year, another MLK Day. Forgive me if I sound a bit cynical this year…it’s not intentional. You see, ever since I’ve had an online presence, I’ve done some sort of tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s one of those historic figures that you can never tire […]

Interracial Love December 27, 2011
10 Pitfalls About Interracial Relationships

I should start off with an apology at the negative tone of this post’s title; but I believe that people should know the negatives upfront, get past them (if they want to) and then go on to pursue their dreams. I love sharing my experiences and opinions with others (hence why I’m a blogger). Dating […]