Vape On!Shona

Nothing is best, but vaping is better than smoking!

The full story of why and how I started vaping can be found here; but in short…I grew really tired of the expense of smoking and the smell of cigarettes. I wasn’t a regular smoker…but a social smoker (a pack would last me about a week). But even with infrequent use, cigarettes were a big annoyance to me.

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Now what absolutely kills me is the influence yielded by the American tobacco industry to kill vaping. And the media is right on their bandwagon. It’s a diversion and whatever potential risk posed by e-cigarettes pales in comparison to the toxins delivered by their cancer sticks.

But hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti-smoking Nazi. I’ve been known to swipe a cigarette every once in a while (still). But I don’t like to perpetuate myths and play into propaganda. I also respect the fact that as adults we have the right to indulge in various guilty pleasures. I respect your freedom and choices, so I only ask that others can do the same.

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