Super Alums?

woodburn hallA few moments ago, I just received an email from WVU NARN regarding their new special website for members. The member’s section is pretty basic. But I did find (and print…sorry trees) the 51 page “Member Training Guide” that makes you a bona fide expert on West Virginia University. Seriously; master of this handbook should give you honorary admission counselor status (and I guess this is the point).

The timing is auspicious, because before receiving the email, I had read (and commented…yey me) on Meghan Skiff’s post regarding the effectiveness of conventional outreach to college alumni. Even though I love my Alma Mater to death (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin), I most definitely agree with her. In most areas, alumni organizations fall short; both in terms of winning financial support and making themselves relevant to alumni.

Now I happen to be one of those involved, committed college alumni (lifetime membership in the WVU Alumni Association, plus I meet almost all of the requirements as mentioned in this blog post). I’m even featured in an alumni spotlight on WVU’s website).

But I often times question what is it that colleges do that merit our devotion; both financially and emotionally…as alums? For me, I am thrilled with WVU because they helped me to realize my dream of earning a college degree. I could possibly have that same affection for any college though. Also unfortunately for my alma mater and for me, my college degree did not translate into any professional advances as of yet. Should a college “write off” alumni who end up falling short of the expectations of what “success” is? Food for thought!