It’s Not Tax Season, But….

My BF recently got approved for food stamps. I’m very excited for him, because he struggles so much financially, and any type of help is such a blessing. In spite of what the naysayers (especially on City-Data) say, food stamps, welfare, and other social service programs are not some sort of noose around the taxpayers’ necks.

When it comes to justifying unpopular opinions (and many of my opinions are unpopular), I like to research, and turn to facts (or at least the opinions of other, more expert people than myself) to help reinforce what I’m saying. I especially like the recent trend of the use of infographs or just plain old graphs in order to illustrate hard data (I blame it on people’s short attention spans). I also appreciate the usefulness of giving an analogy to help explain a situation.

Well this wonderful article on taxpayer money and where it goes is all that I (or anyone else) could ask for to help explain our federal government’s spending priorities. Here you will get all the properties about taxes. Included was a really cool tax receipt that gave an itemized list of a theoretical household’s income.

So in a nutshell, everyone is free to their own opinions. But they should also take the initiative to get a clear picture of what they are talking about. And today, it is easy than ever to find information presented in a way that laymen can truly understand.