Social Media Monitoring 1: Reppler and Friend or Follow

facebook or twitter Way too often, people just stumble into social media…without understanding it, their ultimate goal, or its long-range impact. My BF is sort of a microcosm of this (to me anyway). When we first met, his interest was a little piqued by my ongoing updates and fiddling with Twitter and Google + (he already had a Facebook account; and since he’s not a professional, he has no interest in LinkedIn). Well he didn’t get the point of Twitter and he was pretty disappointed with Google + because, in his own words, “No one was one it.” He then returned to Facebook as his sole means to be “social” on the web.

I on the other hand have no problem designating certain social media tools for certain tasks: Facebook for casual and social relationships, LinkedIn for professional and academic connections, Twitter to stay up on the latest buzz in several areas (personal, professional, hobbies, etc.), and Google + to help manage my online interests (I love the ‘+1’ feed feature that enables me to quickly assemble a “linkroll” of whatever great articles I find on the ‘net).

But back to the subject of this post, I do not want my personal social media profile to be completely aimless…and I definitely don’t want it to work against me. So I’ve been playing around with various sites, seeing what metrics I can collect in order to get a decent snapshot of how I’m perceived online. Here are two tools that I played around with in the last hour or so:


Reppler is really a tool to help you see potential pitfalls in your online persona. While it may not say much about your social media influence, it is very important to collect this information; especially if you are in the market for a job. My score on Reppler was ’82’, with all of my posts (in Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIN) being rated as “partly positive” and the only inappropriate content from my postings being “Going to the store to get some brews” (and the last time I checked, you aren’t a social deviant if you drink beer).

But I was sort of disappointed in that Reppler presented all of this information like it was free and available to the public. This is not really the case….especially in regards to my Facebook profile, which shows very little information about me unless you are added as a friend. The same goes with my LinkedIn profile. So if anything, Reppler is a good gauge of how those who you are currently connected to see you, but does not give you a snapshot of how the non-connected public sees you. For that, you are better off Googling your name, and just clicking through the links that show up (just make sure that you are signed out of all of the services that you are viewing).

Friend or Follow

Now is it just me, or is ‘Friend or Follow‘ simply the coolest name for an app? 😀 Ok, ok…moving on, I saw this website suggested in the comments of a blog post, and decided to check it out for myself. I have to admit, my ego is a teeny-bit bruised by the fact I follow almost 100 more people than who follow me. But looking at my results via Friend or Follow, I only made a couple of adjustments to my follow roster. That’s because many of them, like the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, have many, many more followers than people that they actually follow. Also for me, Twitter is a means to collect news and information (primarily); not really a means for me to carry on conversations. So the bottom line is: I was not willing to unfollow interesting Tweeters just because they were not following me back. Maybe I will change my mind on this someday, and without a doubt, this is a useful tool for people who are really meticulous about this sort of thing. But that person is just not me.

More to come (hopefully soon)!