The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog

no facebook connectThe number one thing that almost guarantees that I won’t comment on your blog is Facebook Connect. Why? Well it’s simple: I do not want to use Facebook the way that you want me to use Facebook.

I realize that this is not your intention. You probably just wanted to make things nice and easy for your blog readers. One click…and they are signed in, a face and name instantly attached to their comment. Well privacy issues aside, I don’t think that it is fair at all to force me as your blog reader, to connect my Facebook profile to your website.

Although 85% of internet users have a Facebook account, not all of us use Facebook in the same way. For me, my Facebook is primarily a casual social network that I use to keep in touch with family, friends, and co-workers. The majority of my profile is hidden from the public eye.

When it comes to my activity in the blogosphere, I would much rather have several features available to me: #1I don’t want my full, real name out there. Once I experimented and Googled myself, and discovered that all of these random blog comments were coming up in the search results. While I’m not embarrassed about any of my opinions, I don’t want a potential employer to go through all of these comments and see something that they don’t agree with, and then take me out of the running for a position because of it. #2 – I don’t want to share my blog activity with my Facebook connections. Mostly because the bulk of them would not care or understand (sure I can hide it from my wall…but that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?). And #3 – I don’t want to put all of my eggs into one [social media] basket. Yes, I can understand how some people are put off by the need to log into multiple websites and check multiple profiles. For these people, perhaps Facebook Connect is a G-d sent blessing because the bulk of their online activity is in one place. But I like to compartmentalize my online life…into personal, professional, and academic areas. So for me, the Disqus comment system is much better because it places all of your blog comments in one area to moderate and keep tabs on.

But I’m not trying to push Disqus upon anyone; but I would encourage any blogger to at least give their readers options. The picture below shows a great example of a comment system that has options and that I wouldn’t hesitate to use:

comment system
Notice that the ‘Facebook Connect’ option is still there for people to use if they want to 🙂

Similarly, I’m also annoyed by Blogger-based blogs that force you to log in using your Google ID. In my case, my Google ID will link to old, outdated blogs (yes, I know I should take them offline, and I will, once I get it together and properly archive them). So most likely, I won’t comment on these blogs either. You can never go wrong with the simple ‘User/E-Mail/URL’ option. Sometimes I even prefer that over Disqus in then I can link other pages or profiles…if I wish.