MBA Progress Report: Fall 2011 Update

It’s hard to believe that a little over two years ago, I first enrolled in my MBA program (and I was absolutely terrified about my ability to succeed). Now, 30 credits later, it’s very interesting to see how my perspective has changed.

While some courses have been more difficult than others, the MBA coursework at Lutgert is definitely not impossible. But the ongoing challenge has been time management, communication, and relevancy. Being in an online MBA program takes a special type of tenacity. You have to force yourself to adhere to deadlines; constantly initiate communication (because you are “out of sight, out of mind” to your professors and group members most of the time). And you have to develop the uncanny ability to adjust to the varying working styles and technical capabilities of your peers.

This past semester, I completed a Marketing Communications Management course (earned a B+, which I’m sort of disappointed about, but I was remiss in some of the participatory requirements in the course). It was very interesting, but the most important point that I learned was the importance of integrated marketing communications. A brand should be clearly established and promoted across all channels; including internally. Take control of your product’s message and make sure that it is consistent. And finally it is important to know your product, both inside and out…the pros and cons. It is much better that you know about its shortcomings than to have the public or your competitors bring this to light.

It was also during this semester (when the Spring 2012 schedule was posted actually), that I decided to pursue the ‘marketing’ rather than the ‘interdisciplinary’ emphasis for my MBA. While it might seem late in the game to be making this change, the MBA program at FGCU only allots for nine (9) electives to be used for a specialization. I found the available marketing courses and professors to be very interesting. Yet, I do feel like I’m only skimming the surface…especially since the field of marketing has so many subsets.

Overall I realize that the bulk of my learning and education is still ahead of me. However I am getting a teeny-weeny bit excited to see that light at the end of the tunnel (since I’m 77% of the way through it) of my MBA journey. Now it’s time to make the most of what’s left of this trip! 😀