Seal and Heidi – Was Anyone Ever Rooting For Them?

Seal and HeidiMost people who know me are aware of my general apathy towards celebrity “news” and gossip. I love movies, TV and music; but what famous people do in their personal lives does not pique my interest. On top of that, I know almost nothing about either Seal or Heidi Klum (although I do have Seal’s Kiss From A Rose song in my collection because it was on the Batman Forever soundtrack). However I was bummed to see the news about Seal & Heidi breaking up; but not because I feel like they had some type of fairytale relationship and now it has all come to an end (no one really knows what really went on between them, or the quality of their marital relationship but them). But rather because in a general “in the spotlight” sort of way, they represented two people who were willing to enter into a marriage…when many people around them were basically saying “Why?”.

One of the reasons why Hollywood’s appeal is lost on me is their absolute worship of physical beauty. I’m the type of woman who grooms herself and wears clothing that is flattering…but I very rarely wear make-up or care about trends. And nothing irks me more than people making broad-based assumptions about my personality from the way I look (“Oh wow…you don’t LOOK like you would be into hip-hop music!”). So when naysayers scoffed at Heidi’s choice of Seal, it seemed to be along the general sentiments of “Oh geez…why would should get with an ugly Black man when she could have any man in the world.” If these people in the general public were quiet when these two were together, then they sure have found their opportunity to speak out now. Like this ignorant comment to a piece on the Huffington Post where the writer stated that Heidi “gave up her morals” to “marry a Black man”. Or most of the comments to the article that Faux News ran; including this one:

Ok, another woman that I would not touch with a 10 foot pole if I were in a position to date her. Sorry, I do not do left overs who dated/married outside our race. I am not sure why hollywood promotes it so much, it must be to keep these guys in front of cameras. Still I find it funny that they show bIack women with real light skin, bIack men dark as possible, and mixed bIack man/blonde woman couples every chance they get either real or in some show like it is common and everyday instead of unusual.

Ummm…are you kidding me?
People may argue that there will always be naysayers and that these opinions are on the fringe. But when you get to the root of the allure of famous couples, it all comes back to “the rich AND beautiful” find each other and live the dream. Black people are really only seen as beautiful if they possess stereotypically Caucasian features. This especially holds true for women. And if you are a beautiful, rich, and famous Caucasian woman…why in the world would you ever want to marry a Black man (an occasional tryst is okay…but marriage)?
So it was nice to see this gorgeous woman choose Seal as her husband and father to her children because the hope was there that she did not drink the Hollywood Kool-Aid and wrap up their ridiculous standard of beauty with who would be the best marriage partner. Well it was good while it lasted at least. And even though you may not be able to hear our voices too clearly right now, there were those of us who supported you and hoped that your marriage would have lasted for a lifetime.