New Site Design – Featuring Rebel Mouse

I’ve been thinking about my blog (thinking about it….not posting on it though) a lot lately. My old theme was beautiful, robust…and wasn’t meeting my needs at all. The truth is, I am not a frequent blogger. I am not a business. I am simply a college graduate who is trying to market herself and build an online presence. My offline life this year has been full of grief and lack of focus and direction. Yes…I’ll come out and admit to that. But in spite of not blogging, I have been very social online. Sometimes I just need a quick interaction, and not a full swan dive into social media. So in addition to simply changing my site’s theme…I need to change it’s function.

I needed to think and be honest about what I need, what I want and what I can actually expect from a personal website. I came up with the following:

  1. I don’t blog frequently. In my many years of blogging, this hasn’t really changed. But I firmly believe in quality over quantity and if this frustrates some readers…then what can I say?
  2. I don’t want to blog about my personal life. So instead, I’ll give my writings a professional theme…seasoned by my personal anecdotes.
  3. I’m tired of jumping on technology bandwagons. I don’t need an account everywhere, and I don’t need to promote every new thing that comes my way.
  4. I highly admire clean, feminine, and modern-styled web design
  5. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and websites more than I do creating my own (well I love creating websites for others; for me, I just feel that there is not enough to talk about).

So basically what I was facing last week was the choice to turn my site into a dynamic vCard basically. But I felt like Bruce Wayne must have felt after he left the bat cave for seven years. There had to be another way. That’s when I discovered Rebel Mouse.

I signed up for an account, fully remembering my experience with and I couldn’t tell you specifics, but I really did not like my experience with either one of those platforms. But Rebel Mouse was founded by the ex-CTO of the Huffington Post (which I love), and with just my Twitter and Pinterest usernames added, I had a beautifully curated collection of my social activity. While I knew that I didn’t want my Rebel Mouse page to replace my homepage, I just knew that I had to have this feature in my own website.

Using the Rebel Mouse WordPress widget, I was able to create a page in my site that presented all of my social media trekking wonderfully. Now, I could have a “blog”, which I don’t update too often, be constantly updated by what I’m doing out their in cyberspace. It’s very cool, and a very smart social media tool. It gives a snapshot into what I am about far more accurately than any “About” page I could write can.

I fully recommend Rebel Mouse to those who yearn for a fresh, dynamic online presence but do not want to make building one a second job. I do this, in spite of the fact that Rebel Mouse recognized my site (which I’m completely humbled by…wow). I also am very curious to see the curated social pages of many interesting people out there.