A Free, One Stop Site For Twitter Analytics

As much as I enjoy peeking into batches of data and analytics about my website and social media accounts, I just cannot bring myself to pay money to do so. So I’ve resigned myself to using free versions of premium tools (which often times leaves you feeling like the kid with the broken leg at the skating party). But to my surprise I stumbled upon something a little different when it comes to Twitter analytics. I found Twitonomy.

To be fair, let me start off by saying that Twitonomy does have a premium version. However from what I can tell, the premium version mainly allows for some serious data mining by allowing you to export the a wide variety of data into .pdf and Excel files (although some of the data is available for export by users of the free version). It doesn’t really hide away that much data into some secret area that you need to cough up money to see. The free version gives you plenty of information…trust me!

There are many well written posts and reviews on Twitonomy…showing you the ins and outs; so I won’t bother to rehash that here. What I will do is list some of my main impressions:

  • You can analyze your main Twitter accounts in addition to other Twitter handles (your other ones or even a competitor…whoever!) without having to log in/out, etc.
  • Comprehensive information on your account (when it was created, how many hashtags you use, how many links you tweet, and a bevy of other information)
  • An incredibly cool feature where you can geo-locate/map the people who mentioned you in their tweets (here’s the link to my map if you want to see)
  • Statistics on your potential user reach (in my case, it is 1,380,647 – which is the total aggregate number of followers of the people who have mentioned me….which is mind blowing!)

You can also generate charts quite quickly and easily….even though they are on the basic looking side. Here is an example…a chart of my tweeting activity over two years:

My Twitonomy Chart

The main issue I have with Twitonomy is that the interface is not the best looking out there. It is very “busy” looking…not very organized…and lots of tiny action buttons (like the one I used to generate the chart above) with even tinier print on them. However I have no issue trading looks for function…and the interface will be easy to improve (and I hope they do improve it) based on the foundation of the metrics.

So for the first time in a long time (probably since discovering Google Analytics), I’ve felt satisfied with an online metrics tool; especially for Twitter. Give it a go. Hey, it won’t cost you a penny, I promise!