Party Hearty WVU

So the results are in…out…whatever. West Virginia University has topped the Playboy list of “party schools”. So yes, I’ll do my proverbial face palm here that my sheepskin was granted to me by an institution with such a reputation. But in just a few moments, I was over it. Why? Well because what does a random list have to do with anything in the grand scheme of things?

For example, if someone were to draft a list of the “10 Greatest Movies Of All Time”, what would be the chances that your own personal list would match theirs? And more importantly, would it bother you if it didn’t? But wait, you may feel like I’m comparing apples to oranges here. And surely, being a labeled as a “party school” is a challenging position for any university to be put in. After all, the goal of a university is to educate, not to sponsor social mayhem.

But who is to say whether that is or isn’t the case?

I admit, we live in the information age. In a few moments we can find a review or a list or an opinion on just about anything or anyone. This is fine for an item or service that we have a simple relationship with (me and my Keurig for example; as long as it makes coffee like it is supposed to, we are good!). However when it comes to life’s more important decisions; like dating, buying a home and picking a college, we need more than top ten lists.

Information curation, including advice, polls and opinions, is not a bad thing. But you have to give each source the proper amount of weight and influence on your final decision. This goes for anything. So before you take things to heart, consider the following:

  • The reputation and track record of the source; especially in regards to the subject they are speaking about
  • Is the information even applicable or useful?
  • Your own knowledge and experience. Sure, we do want to consult experts and not waste time spinning our wheels over something we know little about. But there are some things that you do know and are knowledgeable about. Do not sell yourself short. Use information curation as a means to learn, not be told what to do.

I totally understand that I may be trying to carry water in a bucket here; lists, polls, and opinions are very effective when trying to gain people’s attention on their already overloaded information channels. But hey, I can try. Try to stick to collecting and creating useful insights and information over arbitrary drivel.

So there you have it…me shrugging off this latest honor given to WVU. Well maybe not the “latest”; after all, we did surprise a whole heck of a lot of people today when our football team beat #11 ranked Oklahoma State University. 🙂