4 Social Media Tools I Use Daily (& Why)

It seems like there are 1,000,001 social media tools out there for people to use. I’ve played around with many of them. There are some that I come to use from time to time (like Twitonomy, which I use perhaps once a week). But there are only a handful that I use and find useful just about everyday. They are listed below, as well as the main reason why I use them just about everyday.








As an add-in for Gmail, Rapportive is probably not the first thing you think of when you envision “social media tool”. However it is exactly the first tool I thought of when creating this post. I’m probably like a lot of people and have an email inbox that rivals a Twitter feed in regards to all the incoming messages. It’s hard to know, just on email addy alone, the background of all (or most) of the people who send emails your way. Plus, you can instantly see their social media profiles and activity (if they have any). You can read and see about all of the nuts and bolts about Rapportive here. But for a good personal example, I just used Rapportive this morning to check to see if the “Alex” that sent an email to me was male or female. She was female by the way 😉








SumAll is technically still in its Beta version, but has a really gorgeous, ultra-modern website. However I rarely visit it. What I deal with every morning are the performance emails that get sent to you. They give day-by-day, week-by-week statistics, on just about any social media platform you can think of. There’s even a way to link your PayPal account! By comparing two points in time (i.e. today vs. a week ago), you get instantly understandable charts and a snapshot view of what’s going out other there with your accounts. What’s not to love about that?






Ok, so I confess, I don’t use Klout every single day; but more often then every other day. And yes, there are plenty of naysayers about Klout. And they have have some valid points.  But I really love how you can go to Klout and not only see your engagement and reach, but also how you stack up to what others are doing. You can also give “klout” to others who you feel are influential on a particular topic. And finally, it gives you a visual representation of your social media trends over time. Still not convinced? You may want to read this article before tossing Klout out by the wayside completely.

Rebel Mouse








Yes, I dedicated an entire post to Rebel Mouse when I first opened my account. Now, 3 months later I’m still impressed. It is very easy to automatically publish, manually publish, edit, and time the curation of social media content. And the end product looks amazing. The “shout outs” feature which automatically tweets the content’s originator when you post it is a great way to gain new follows and create online relationships.

So there you have it — my list. What’s on yours?