Get Amazon Prime for Only $49

When I worked for my previous company, my boss graciously approved an annual subscription of Amazon Prime for me since I frequently used Amazon to order supplies and equipment for the office. When I left the company, and especially since Amazon hiked their annual subscription fee from $79 to $99 per year. I figured that I don’t spend $99 in shipping fees yearly, so ultimately it’s not worth it.

However, I just found out today (I’m late, I know), that students can get Amazon Prime for only $49; and, that’s after a free 6-month trial period. At first I was dubious….because I had previously had an Amazon Prime account. But I went to the link, and ‘ta-da!’ – it worked! Just use your student email address (with an .edu domain) and you’re good to go.

Ultimately I may not buy enough from Amazon over the course of the year for the $49 subscription fee to wash out my shipping charges. But the added benefits of free movie streaming are worth it for me. If you are the type that needs a more firm, data-driven decision, use this widget to calculate the potential benefit of Amazon Prime (keep in mind however, the widget is assuming that you are paying the full price for Prime).

To sign up, just click here. Full disclosure – I do receive a referral fee for each person who successfully signs up. So I thank you ahead of time. 🙂