Interracial Myths and Delusions

2015 has been a tough year for racism, race relations, and all types of social discrimination. Whether 2016 is going to be any better remains to be seen. I certainly hope so. Because all I see going on around me is very discouraging.

It seems that almost every day, I come across two or more articles, or news stories, or something about racism and/or discrimination. Many times it just becomes a note in my head. Like “Oh ok, this person/company/place has issues with racism apparently”. And then I move on. Not that it isn’t an important issue to me. But I feel that if I reacted to each story….to each occurrence, it would be like trying to swat and kill mosquitoes in the middle of a swamp.

But then I saw this:

And I felt compelled to write something.

Now I don’t hate or feel any animosity towards Ice-T. He was a pioneer in the rap genre and I liked some of his acting work. And he’s entitled to his opinion. But he’s also an idiot. It’s one thing to have an opinion. It’s an entirely different thing to make that opinion public…in total ignorance, or even worse, disregard, to how your words will impact others. And even more so, what those words say about you.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Our society tolerates some pretty reprehensible behavior. For example, women marrying and taking advantage of men for their money. Children calling their parents every four-letter word out there. Women having child after child where each one has a different father. That’s stuff we see…every day. But when these people take it to the ‘next level’ so to speak; and start to brag…and justify their bad behavior. We’ve really reached the point of no return.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Personally, I’m just so tired of this fetish that society seems to have with interracial relationships and “interracial” people (I put that in quotes because the majority of Americans especially are “interracial”). Every human being on this planet has two parents. If your two parents happen to not be of the same race, that still doesn’t make you any better than the next human being next to you. It might make you unique…but it does not make you better. Do you know what makes people stand out from the rest? What they can do….how they behave…what their talents are.

Now I guess that there are people out there that may say that strikingly beautiful people possess an advantage over average people. However beauty is very subjective. I can go out on the street and easily find five men who do have blonde haired, blue eyed women at the top of their attractiveness hierarchy. And then you have those people who say, “Awww…mixed-race kids are soooo pretty!”. Nope, not really. Such statements reek of ignorance and demonstrate that most likely the only mixed-race children you’ve seen are the ones on TV and in magazines…and of course they are going to be cute! Fact is, there are quite a few average to homely looking mixed-race kids. Again, I could walk around my neighborhood and snatch up at least five or so such specimens in about an hour.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to share a video from Mr. Gazi Kodzo — who quite frankly is a bit extreme in his overall view of race relations. But in spite of me being much more moderate and inclusive in respect to interracial relationships and identity, I find myself agreeing with him much more often than I disagree.

Now here’s where I may lose some people. I fully admit that we live with two separate realities. We all have our own personal morals and ideals and list of things that should happen to make our communities better. Then you have the way things really are right now. So for example, I don’t judge people on such a superficial physical characteristic such as race. Now I do make assumptions based on culture…but race and culture are not synonymous. However while this is my ideal and this is how I wish society were…right now, it is not. Far from it. Society not only prefers to put you into a racial box (or “boxes” I guess in the case of bi/tri/quad-racial people), but they will damn near force you into one even if that’s not what you want. And in the case of those people who have a percentage of African ancestry in them, that box that they force you into…will be the Black box. 🙁

Perhaps it would not be so bad to be forced in this box, if Black people didn’t have to deal with the constant, never-ending negative stereotypes associated with being Black. The we are stupid…that we are not physically beautiful, that we are angry and unreasonable, that we have no respect for the law or no regard for authority….as the norm among our people. It’s really sad to see that society just will not let these labels go. Black, White, Interracial, Latino…we need those labels to help formulate our view and opinion of a person even before we meet them it seems.

Ice-T may have put his wife on a pedestal with his list. But he knocked himself, and all other Black women off a cliff in the process…including his newborn daughter. God forbid she grew up and have even the slightest tinges of brown in her skin, just too much curl in her hair, or those tell-tale Black features that her own White mother paid to get — thick lips and a big butt. If she encounters any rough patches in her future love life, her father can then pass along his list to her as an explanation why.