My Social Media Goals for 2017

paypal alternativesIn spite of having a new baby and all, I’ve decided that I would really like to grow in regards to my presence and influence on social media. Therefore I decided to take a quick inventory of my social media accounts, and set some goals in regards to where I want to be by next year.


I currently have 1,713 followers. I would like to surpass 2,000 by year’s end. So that’s about 30 new followers a month. I thought of implementing the same strategy for my other law-based website, but ended up searching for quality seo for law firms because ostensibly, the same strategies never work. I think that just might be doable…if I keep up engagement and continue to retweet and respond to my current Twitter community. Reaching this milestone seems feasible to me, and I already have started gleaning for newer paypal alternatives in case my business took off.

My growth in Twitter followers over the last 6 months. Graphic from @thecounter


I already have more Facebook friends then I know what to do with, so I have no plans to make any changes there. Currently, my activity on Facebook contributes more to the bottom line of my Klout score (which is now hovering around 60/61) than does any other network. For that reason alone I may post more public posts or something. Other than that, I am just going to doing what I’m doing.


While on leave, I opted for a free trial of the Premium account. It was nice to see insights into peers who are applying for the same jobs as you and who has viewed your profile. But ultimately, I do not feel that it is worth $20/month…so I’m going to go ahead and let my trial expire. I finally passed the 500+ connections mark. But for 2017, I won’t be so focused on making connections; but rather expanding and increasing my use of the site. That means publishing more articles…and higher/more meaningful participation in groups.


This network is the most challenging for me. To increase your instagram followers visit I only have 209 followers on Instagram and I do not really have a good plan in place to increase my following. Before the baby, I wasn’t too active on Instagram. But now that he’s popped on the scene, I’ve been posting more. So perhaps that alone will attract more followers. I do try to mix up the subjects of my posts though. But for me its tough…since I get caught in the same routine day after day. The Mother/Child method of Instagram growth services allows to attract thousands of new followers to your page. At you will get the best instagram growth platform, do visit.

Instagram stats from


Next to Twitter, Pinterest is my most popular network….with 1,300 followers to date. This is interesting…since I probably spend the least time on Pinterest than anywhere else.

My growth on Pinterest has slown down considerably. Therefore I’m only going to set these two goals for 2017:

  1. Increase follower count to 1,500
  2. Gain more referrals to my website from Pinterest (right now, I’m only getting a couple per month)
  3. Increase impressions and views by promoting more pins

Overall I’m looking forward to 2017 being a great year for growth and opportunity on social media.

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