One thing about having kids when you are older….there is this definite generation gap in regards to youth experiences. When I was teenager back in the 90s, a rite of passage to self discovery was to take a bus to someplace that you know you could not go to with your parents. For me, that was the indie record shops on Pittsburgh’s south side.

Little did I know that it was the tail-end of an era. Walking up and down the aisles of music. Picking up albums and CDs and turning them over…taking in the entire package before deciding to invest your $5 or $10 dollars into it. Taking suggestions from store clerks in their early 20s…who seemed to be gurus of everything that you wanted to know (about music).

I discovered Metro Stylee from a compilation….Girls Go Ska….which I believe I purchased while living in Daytona Beach from Atlantic Sounds. In the age of playlists, are compilations even a thing anymore? Anyway one thing always leads to another and I picked up Metro Stylee’s debut (and only?) CD and discovered this gem.

Wishing my boys a future of self-discovery during many personal quests that will cause them to grow and think (even more so then I had).