Adele Fuels an Unnecessary Culture War

Yesterday Adele posted the pic below on her Instagram account:

Later that evening (or morning depending on where you are located), she posted a comment to the Brandy & Monica face-off on Verzuz that said the following:

This resulted in a culture-clash of sorts between Black Americans vs. Black Britons and Jamaicans. The post below pretty much sums up the response from many Black Americans:

Ok, so here’s my take (and I believe I sorta, kinda wrote about this before, but I’m perfectly fine with rehashing topics from time to time). I feel that people often get offended by the wrong things needlessly. For sure, I think that this instance is one of those times. There is a difference between perpetuating a caricature picture of a culture; vs. genuinely enjoying and celebrating unique elements of a culture. For example:

A caricature
NOT a caricature!

The key question in the use of symbols or regalia associated with another identity group is not: What are my rights of ownership? Rather it’s: Are my actions disrespectful?

Kwame Anthony Appiah

If we start putting limitations on what people can wear, enjoy, create, etc. — based on the culture of their birth….then we’ve created a needless imaginary prison on self-expression and creativity.

It doesn’t make that much sense to say that Black people can adapt and enjoy and excel in aspects of European culture, but Europeans cannot do the same with the culture of Africa or the African diaspora.

I’m sorry but we can not afford to do this right now. We need to focus and channel our anger and resources on combating an entire system of systemic racism that is stealing the lives of our Black brothers and sisters. Adele is not your enemy here; these crazy police who think that they are Rambo are! Let’s stay unified and focused and stop crying wolf when there is no real harm in sight.