What Happened To Sha’Carri Richardson?

Back in June, Sha’Carri Richardson caught the attention of the country by qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics in the 100 meter sprint. She clocked an impressive 10.86 time. She quieted the naysayers who looked down their noses at her bright-colored weave, long nails and eyelashes. She exhumed unabashed confidence and did not hold back in her joy. She especially struck a chord with me when she embraced her grandmother shortly after winning the race:

Sha’Carri Richardson hugging her Grandmother Betty Harp

Now I’ll tell anybody – I am a proud supporter of American and Jamaican (and Israeli) athletes in the Olympics. That isn’t the case for all of my family though. A bit after her win, a cousin of mine posted this video on social media:

Ok, so I see you fam! But I’m just trying to support some #BlackGirlMagic – regardless of its country of origin. Also even though the video was recorded right when the word of her suspension came out, I didn’t know about it yet. And in all honesty, I thought it was BS. I mean, marijuana is not a performing enhancing drug. But that’s the breaks I guess. She seemed to own up to her mistake responsibly – and it was time to move on to the Olympics and watch the Jamaicans.

Fast forward to August 22. The Olympics are over and the Jamaican women just dominated the 100m. Sha’Carri has returned to competition to run up against them in the Prefontaine Classic; where she came in last. Now, let me say that I am not a fair weather supporter. Everyone has bad days. But Sha’Carri’s response was just off-putting. Well – you can judge for yourself:


(or a more humorous take…):


Ok. So at this point it is still funny. I mean, it seems like Sha’Carri let her disappointment and emotions take over, and did not interview the best. It happens. But then, even days later, there was this:


What? You still feel some kinda way about losing? And I’m not the only one who has picked up on this. As annoying as ‘cancel culture’ is, maybe we/I should have been a little bit more deliberate before jumping on the bandwagon. I mean Emmanuel Acho said it back in early July – she hasn’t really won anything outside of collegiate competition. There is a lot of talk about what she can accomplish and her potential. But let’s be real here. Allison Felix, Elaine Thompson-Herah and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce all have more medals and accolades – but yet are not grandstanding half as much as Sha’Carri. A dose of humility may go far for her in this instance.