Holding my Applause for Chlöe Bailey

So yesterday the VMA’s were televised. I haven’t watch such things in years, so I missed them. But I saw the aftermath on social media. Chlöe, from Chloe x Halle made giant waves with her live performance. I saw the clip, and I really wasn’t impressed. In fact, it made me a bit sad.

When the sisters emerged a decade ago as talented child musicians, their style was very unique and fresh. They were unapologetic about their dreadlocked hair, and seemed to be a beacon of freshness for the latest wave of young Black entertainers. But here we are in 2021, and we seem to have an R&B clone of Cardi B.

Here’s the thing though – I have no real issue with Cardi B. Believe it or not, I have no issue with any woman who choses to wear scanty clothing and twerk and slither around on stage. What is unsettling to me are really just two things: 1) The way that entertainers – Black women especially, feel this need to go in that direction and 2) The way that people get overly excited about it and just lay blankets of praise all over it — viciously cutting down anyone who criticizes it as being anti-feminist.

Another thing I was sad to see was that her locs were either wrapped or covered – giving that faux locs look — along with some pincurls/fingerwaves in the front. Again, I am fine with anyone doing whatever to their hair. But I think it is a lost opportunity to show a new presentation of women with natural, nappy dreadlocks; that they can be sported by more than just the crunchy, mother earth type of women.

I honestly wish continued success for Chlöe. I am glad that she is exploring and breaking out of her shell. But for me, she has lost her uniqueness and is now swallowed up in the sea of rap/R&B sex kittens. 🙁